Initial workshop
A basic outline of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) for parents, carers, and educators of children with autism and other related developmental delays. This introduction will provide:

  • An overview of what ABA is
  • How ABA can help reduce problem behaviour
  • How ABA can increase communication and play skills

This talk is open to anyone who would like to learn more about ABA and how its methodologies can be incorporated throughout the day to support individuals with autism

6-week training course
Hands on training for parents or carers to attend with their children. The training will build on information in the initial workshop and provide:

  • Individualised training and targets
  • On the spot demonstrations and feedback
  • Specific plans for you and your child to follow at home

This course is designed for pre-school aged children and is limited to 6 children.

All training is provided by Karolina Gburczyk and Tracey Tibbals of The Footbridge. Both Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs) they have extensive experience working with children and adolescents with autism, developmental disabilities, and language delays. Their passion is helping parents bridge the gap between ABA theory and practice, showing how strategies can incorporated into a family’s daily lives, and helping parents feel empowered. They are also the consultants for FOCUS Surrey, a Saturday Club for children with autism.